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BELLA Programmable Slow Cooker

We like BELLA product. They’ve been producing some cute products for a while now, in fact one of their products made in onto our list of the best programmable crock pot/slow cookers! Is this little slow cooker as good as the other one we’ve featured? Well..



BELLA cookware, or BELLA housewares to give them their proper title, is a fairly new brand in this field. They target their goods at ‘Bella’, the every day woman that needs to get things done quickly and efficiently. Whilst she’s dropping the kids of a school and speeding her day in the office, Bella’s ‘BELLA’ slow cooker can stay at home and do the cooking.

About the product

This BELLA slow cooker is a great example of a 5 quart crock pot. Though you might think that a 5 quart is not enough for you, if you’re cooking for 3 or less, then the likelihood is that this size would be perfect. Or, if you only want to create one dish without leftovers, then this could serve up to 4 or 5 people.

This slow cooker has a low setting, which means that you don’t just need to cook on a higher setting. The lower option will come in super handy for large joints of meat or the like, which benefit greatly from a good slow roasting. The grips on the side of this slow cooker are also great, which make it easy to move this slow cooker around.


  • Easy programming – This slow cooker is extremely easy to program, with the ability to set it anywhere between 30 mins and a whopping 20 hours. This is a long time, which would be a massive bonus for some, as other slow cookers do not offer this kind of time span.
  • Portability – By going with a 5 quart slow cooker, you are sacrificing some space in turn for portability. Unless you’re keeping your slow cooker on the counter 24/7, you’ll want an easily portable slow cooker to move around.
  • Keep Warm setting – Not all crock pots have this setting, which is a shame as it is one of the handiest settings that you can have. It allows you to leave your food alone for several hours without having to worry about it getting cold.


  • It takes a while to heat up – This probably is a bit of a non issue for a slow cooker, but it does take a good while to heat up. As in, you’ll have to add an extra 10+ minutes to your cooking time.
  • It’s pretty plain – Compared to other BELLA products, it’s a pretty plain design. It might not bother you, but we wished this was as pretty as their other products.


We like this slow cooker. It’s plain, easily programmable and it will last you a long while. Though in our opinion, there are better crock pots available on the market right now. Including other products from BELLA.


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