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Best Non Stick Frying Pan to Buy in 2017

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Frying pans are underrated. Everyone is looking for the best crock pot or the best lasagna pan, but what about the best frying pan? Finding yourself a decent quality non-stick frying pan is an essential for any avid chef, whether professional or at home. It’s something that will often go unnoticed for a while, as many of us mainly use the oven for their evening meal. But if you want something cooked quick and easy, then frying is often your best option.

But how do I find the best frying pan I hear you ask? Luckily for you, we know all about non-stick frying pans. And we’re about to impart some of that knowledge with you, our dear reader. We’re going to have a look at 6 of the best frying pans that you’ll find available today; from the cheap to the ultra expensive, we’ll give you our honest opinion.

Have a quick browse through the table below to see what we’re dealing with. After that, you can scroll further down the page to read some individual reviews and then finally give you our verdict!

The Options

 t-falcook n homele-creuset
BrandCuisinartRachael RayOzeriT-falCook N HomeLe Creuset
MaterialHard AdonizedHard AdonizedStoneware/AluminiumHard AdonizedAluminiumCast Iron
Dimensions12 inches14 inches12 inches12 inches8 + 10 + 12 inches11 3/4 inches


Best Non Stick Frying Pan Individual Reviews



Cuisinart Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Skillet with Glass Cover


Brand: Cuisinart

Material: Hard Adonized

Induction: No

Size: 12 inch

Glass Cover: Yes

Price: $

 It seems like every post we create at has a feature from a Cuisinart product. This is probably because their products are of a pretty high quality. Not the very best we must say, but they certainly would be a welcome addition to most kitchen. Not only are they of a decent quality, but they’re also available at a pretty reasonable price. This is why Cuisinart has rocketed to the top of the cookware world.

This particular frying pan is definitely a contender for the best non stick frying pan. It’s made of hard adonized aluminium, which makes it harder than steel. In comparison to the other frying pans that we have listed, it’s actually heavier than the other hard adonized ones. Of course, it isn’t as heavy as cast iron or stoneware materials, but it isn’t as light as you would expect. Hopefully, this won’t cause an issue if you’re thinking of investing in this non stick frying pan.

Whilst it isn’t the most attractive fry pan on our list, it’s definitely up there for its easy cleaning. You can wipe this frying pan down with ease, and you won’t have to worry about getting the wire brush out.

Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet 


Brand: Rachael Ray

Material: Hard Adonized

Induction: No

Size: 14 inch

Glass Cover: No

Price: $$


If there’s one thing that Rachael Ray’s products definitely have, it’s style. Whilst some of the more basic frying pans in our list look well.. basic, this pan manages to maintain a certain level of style. Although it’s extremely subtle, the majority of the pan is gray. For added colors, you can choose orange, blue or a nice dark red.

Speaking of the handles, this is another great aspect of this pan that puts it in contention for the best non stick frying pan. It’s called a Helper Handle (well, that’s the official name), and it can actually really come in handy for moving the pan around. You would probably use the helper handle most when you are cooking something heavy or for many people, like spaghetti Bolognese.

Whilst it is an extremely attractive pan, this isn’t the only part that you should be concerned with. It has to be said, with some other Rachael Ray products, they have not been as good as their competitors. Some of her cook ware has been slandered for lacking in longevity, but is this the case with this frying pan?

Well, no, we don’t believe it is. In fact we would go as far to say that this is one of, if not the, best Rachael Ray product that you can find. It’s sturdy yet not too heavy. It has that amazing helper handle. It’s subtle yet stylish enough to fit in any kitchen. Plus, the added 2 inches will prove to come in handy, we’re sure.

The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri


Brand: Ozeri

Material: Stoneware/Aluminum

Induction: Yes

Size: 12 inch

Glass Cover: No

Price: $

The next brand in our list might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you. Ozeri have been known for creating more digital things for your kitchen and bathroom, like scales. This does mean that they don’t have the strong branding like T-fal and some other pans, but does this matter? Not really. The Stone Earth pan is one of the best selling pans around, popping up in retailers all over the world.

And with good reason, too. Where does the ‘Stone Earth’ part come into the creation of this pan? Well, the coating for the surface of the pan is derived from a German stone. A very special, eco-friendly German stone, apparently. No seriously though, the stone coating is actually super helpful and with it being eco-friendly, that’s always a bonus even if you don’t really care about the environment!

Along with the excellent non-stick surface area of the pan, the Ozeri Stone Earth actually meets all the necessary criteria for the best non stick frying pan. The silicon based handle is pretty solid, and it’s heat resistant too. This means that you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers!

The only real negative that we can see about this pan is the weight. It weighs around 3 and a half pounds, which might be a little too heavy for some people. Though the weight of this pan is a testament to its production quality.

T-fal E91898 Ultimate Cookware


Brand: T-fal

Material: Hard Adonized

Induction: No

Size: 12 inch

Glass Cover: Yes

Price: $$

 T-fal, or Tefal if you’re a European, is probably the most recognised cookware maker of frying pans. This is due to the very distinctive ‘thermo-spot’, or the little red dot in the center of the frying pan. The thermo-spot is designed to let you know when your frying pan is ready for food, and it’s at its optimum pre-heating level. It works pretty well, we must say. Though it certainly isn’t a necessity in a frying pan, it’s a handy, and welcome, addition.

This T-fal pan also has what is called a ‘Techno-resistant anti warp base’. Yeah, we’re not a massive fan of the ridiculous names either, but basically all this means is that the base of the frying pan will not bend, or warp, shape at any point. This is due to the build of the pan, which is primarily hard adonized aluminium. This also means that the pan itself isn’t too heavy, which is a bonus.

Another good point of this pan that some of the other pans in our list don’t have is the glass cover lid. Though you say that you will never really need a glass covered lid for a frying pan, it is always good practise to have one, just in case the time and new recipe calls for it. The last thing you want to be doing is using another pan lid on top of your new pan! Whilst the glass lid is nothing amazing, it does come with some handy vented holes that make it easy to leave alone if needs be,

Whilst in our humble opinion this isn’t a pan that is going to last you forever like the Le Creuset, it’ll certainly hold up well for a good few years.

Cook N Home 3-Piece Set


Brand: Cook N Home

Material: Hard Adonized

Induction: Yes

Size: 8, 10 & 12 inch

Glass Cover: No

Price: $

In every comparison we do, we try to include a budget friendly version that we think is available at a good price. In other words, we love a bargain! Cook N Home regularly feature as one of our recommended cookware brands, and with pretty good reason. The value that you get with these products is second to none. No, they won’t last you forever, but at these kind of prices, do you really care?

The main reason we included these pans in the list was that they are a 3 piece. Yes, that’s right. THREE PANS. For much less than what you would pay for one pan. And let us tell you, you would be surprised at the quality of these pans, especially if you compare them to some of the other pans within the same price bracket.

The bottom of these pans are actually designed for an induction cooker, though they will work well on any stove top. In fact, if you’re about to invest in an induction cooker, we advise you up your budget a bit for cookware and go for something with higher quality. Having a set of pans that are usable for an induction cooker is handy, though.

Whilst there pans will never win any awards, they’re a decent set of pans for the price. Though if you’re looking for the best qulaity, you might want to look elsewhere.

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet


Brand: Le Creuset

Material: Cast Iron

Induction: Yes

Size: 11 3/4 inches

Glass Cover: No

Price: $$$$

Ah, the Le Creuset. The pièce de résistance of our list is here. The French company is coming up to its 100th year of production soon, though by no means has the quality of the product diminished. If anything Le Creuset are at their peak, with many homeowners aspiring to fill their kitchen with their quality product. Though they’re most known for their Casserole dishes, they also produce pretty much everything else you need in terms of cookware. Including possibly the best non stick frying pan available.

The quality is evident in the pan, as it’s made of cast iron. Whilst this adds some extra weight to the pan, it isn’t too bad and after a short while getting used to it, you’re unlikely to notice the difference. To be fair to Le Creuset, it seems like they have covered everything with this frying pan. It has a great helper handle that will make moving your frying pan quite a bit easier. It also has two super helpful side spouts on either side. This is fantastic for draining away the extra liquid that you might find in your frying pan.

Of course, the main issue that we have with the Le Creuset is the price. It feels like it’s almost extortionate, though with Le Creuset’s reputation you could slap any price on it and people would pay it. Our advice is this; if you can afford it, definitely buy it. You won’t regret it, especially if you use a frying pan daily. But, if you aren’t looking to spend this much money on a frying pan (which is most of us), then don’t worry; there’s plenty more frying pans in the kitchen.


Things you should consider when buying the best non stick frying pan for you

Whilst you could just browse through the store or go on Amazon and buy the first frying pan you see, there’s more to it than that. There are several factors you should consider before investing in a frying pan. These include;

  • Brand: Whilst the brand of the frying pan shouldn’t be of that much concern, it is definitely something you should take into consideration. Brands like Le Creuset have a great reputation that in reality, other brands struggle to match. If you’re ever in doubt, try to find a brand that you like and stick with them.
  • Material: This one kind of speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a lightweight pan, then of course, avoid cast iron or stoneware. If you’re looking for something long lasting… you get my point. A good thing to remember though, is that whilst aluminium might not be the longest lasting, it’s great at getting the job done and is pretty cost effective. that’s why so many restaurants use it!
  • Induction: Of course, you need to be concerned whether your frying pans are suitable for an induction cooker or not. If you don’t know what an induction cooker is, click here.
  • Size: Whilst the standard size of a frying pan is usually 12 inches, they do range anywhere between 8-16 inches. In most cases though, you won’t need anything more that 12 inches. This will be enough to cook food for a whole family.
  • Glass cover: Whilst you will usually use a different sort of pan for something that needs covering, it’s a handy item to have. It’s by no means a necessity, but if it’s included, we’ll take it!
  • Price: Ah, price. We hope that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your pans, but lets face it; most of us at least have to take the price of something into consideration. If you don’t want to spend too much on a frying pan, then don’t worry; we offer plenty of other options in our list.

So, that’s it for th… wait, what? We haven’t given you our opinion of what the best non stick frying pan is? Oh, sorry. Keep reading below to see who we think deserves the title of best non stick frying pan.


Our verdict – Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Whilst we love a bargain here, we really can’t say no to a frying pan of this much quality. Yes, it’s expensive at over four times the price of some other pans that we have listed. We know that not everyone can afford this.

But, this was to evaluate the best non stick frying pan, and we have to say; this is definitely it. It’s available in a ridiculous amount of colors, which means that it’s almost impossible to find one that doesn’t fit in with your color scheme. LeCreuset offer a lifetime warranty with their products, so you’ll never need to worry about warping or the like. Of course, the warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage and the like.

If you do decide to get yourself a Le Creuset frying pan, remember that for best results you should start on a lower heat. By starting a lower heat and working your way up to a higher heat, you avoid anything sticking to the pan and you will get optimum results. If you’re going to invest in a long lasting, cast iron pan, then this it it.


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